Tuesday, November 20, 2007

...on the bastard's further adventures in haiku-ING

left hand rob brought up
a very important thing
i have a catch phrase

i'm gonna cut you
you mother fucking fucker
cold wind makes me glad

i hate the office
botox using C.E.O.
flowers bloom in spring

the bastard is just going to keep doing this until he runs out of material. or until i jump through a plate glass window.

—the bastard


the mad russian said...

I doubt that your blog is as anonymous as you'd like. Mocking the CEO is way too risky...but I liked your subway haikus.

bastard central said...

it becomes less and less anonymous.

also life in the wild wild west of a disorganized corporate heirarchy. affords the bastard the luxury of these slings and arrows.

your higher ups have too much free time on their hands if they are spending it digging through your browser history