Thursday, November 29, 2007


two guys on the 6. going downtown. they only grab my attention because one of them is wearing shoes i would only catch the lowe wearing.

"did you see tad?"

"unintelligible response"

"did you speak to tad?"

"unintelligible response"

"did you know tad?"

"unintelligible response"

"were you close to tad?"

"unintelligible response"

now the bastard has to ask you. who the hell is tad? who the hell would name their kid tad? is tad his real name and if not, why the hell would he call himself tad? what is he a jackass? why is his friend in the comfortable shoes ending every sentence in his name? is HE a jackass? these and many more questions can be answered AFTER i stab him in the neck. well...maybe not but, the bastard will feel much better

—the bastard

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