Tuesday, December 04, 2007

...cap chimes in

the chairman IM'd me today to inform me that his father, whom the bastard has referred to on more than one occasion as captain america, had a near death experience on the road that he wanted to share with us. why do we call him captain america? maybe because he drives a jeep. maybe because he loves neil young (come on, some one has to love him). maybe because he just loves america GOD DAMMIT! you got a problem with that? i know i don't. anyway cap got himself into a near fatal accident out on the tarmac of strong island. and he notified the chairman. who in turn notified me.

so, cap was out there minding his own business when some jackass was riding his ass. and then racing up the blindspot

well i'll let cap tell the tale.

Text: Tried to run me into a BUS racing in my blind spot gave me the finger old piece o F SHIT.

So narrowly avoiding certain doom, captain america, busts out the jammy and gets the photographic evidence for our viewing pleasure. and simultaneously, he delivers 4 wheeled justice on the highways and byways of sleepy strong island. godspeed captain america. god speed.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Go Cap!

And you with the photoshoppery. Mad skilz, bro.

bastard central said...

the hardest part was keeping a straight face when i came up with the truth justice and a jeep steering wheel. the bastard was so tired at the time