Monday, December 10, 2007

...on getting thug

long day.

totally missed walking into a pack of urban youth tonite. sleepy old bastard.

one kid was yelling at the top of his lungs about some useless basketball player's shooting ability.

so since i'm sitting between him and his friend, i ask him, "do you want to switch seats?"

"what? ah don wanna switch seats. ahm ah botherin you?" he looks me square in the eye.

i look him back in the eye (thinking about gouging him in the eye), "no, i just figured that you were having an intense conversation about whatever it was you were talking about, so i figure, you'd want to sit closer (before i stab you in the neck, shiteyes).

"ah don't wanna sit next to him"

"yo, why you gotta get all thug on him" (smart boy, i'll stab you last)

after i see their third, i decide headphones are better conversation. he's still talking about OUR conversation to his third as he gets off the train.

young man.

now while i AM the devil.

not all white folks are. you could have gotten stabbed in the face. and believe me, i would enjoy it. notsomuch with the jail that would follow but, hey you have to think about the enjoyment of life's little victories. next time perhaps. next time.

—the bastard

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