Monday, January 28, 2008

doing a solid

so there's this sales monkey that has been put across from left hand rob at the beginning of this month.

and he's been pissing rob off.

because he speaks in sales-isms.

and the only time he shuts the fuck up is only to answer another phone call.

and he looks like a creepy used car salesman.

and he's annoying.

so, since i am kind of hanging out in the office this evening.

and i wanted a break from his incessant "hey guy, how's it going", "working hard or hardly working", "hey buddy, is that the secrete sauce?" schtick, i did what any bastard would do for a break.

i put on some music.

some loud music.

mostly parliament.

he lost it during aqua boogie.

he came in and asked me if i could turn it down. he was on a sales call and the guy thought he was in a phone booth.

i agreed and turned it down...a little.

the point is this, if you'd shut the fuck up for five minutes a day,

every day,

this exercise would be avoidable.

yeah yeah yeah, i know that karma is a boomerang and one day, there is going to be some dick who is annoyed enough at me to do a little counterbalance but the bastard can't resist fucking with salesmen. even though he's only across from lobster for 4 more, no wait, 3 more days.

oh well.

—the bastard

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