Thursday, January 24, 2008

...on accessorizing

the bastard is hard on wallets.

and the bastard is hard ON the wallet.

that's not to say i don't try to get a good buy now and again.

but seriously, the bastard is really hard on wallets.

i destroy them.

they fall apart pretty quickly, which always prompts me to wonder why i even try to spend decent money on a wallet.

buy one of them 5 dollar specials and use it until it falls apart.

problem is this.

they fall apart faster.

so while shopping on the internet i caught myself a bargain and decided to pick up a wallet while i was on the site. quickest delivery i ever got. once i took it out of the box, the bastard realized that he had gone too far.

yeah, it's pretty bad. but it's mine. so go to hell. now every time i go to pay for something, i'm going to wish that they would figure out a way to bring the invisibles to television. maybe the guys who did the matrix could do it but, then again, they stole whole pages from the invisibles to make the matrix look as dope as it was.

oh well.

go to hell.

—the bastard

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