Thursday, January 31, 2008

...on the posh life

the bastard woke up like he was shot out of a cannon.

last night, the bastard met up with his ladyfriend and her brother for some cans of porkslap (which is pretty goddam good),


needless to say,

5:30 in the morning is an early tip off time for 4 beers and many ribs (which were pretty goddam good. have i mentioned this? pay attention).

anyway, the company sent a cr for me and it was much fancier than i expected. not quite the kind of car that woud be considered foreign dignitary posh but, it sure didn't suck. so far the only thing the bastard sees as the advantage to getting here this early is that the traffic was virtually not there and i was here in 20 minutes.

i thought about texting the elder since i was here early, and he's currently doing a job at the jet blue terminal but, i think i only have his wife's cell number.

too bad the coffee here tastes like someone took a dump in it. oh well, can't live like a king all the time.

—the bastard

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