Tuesday, January 15, 2008

things the bastard has done in the past 24 hours

almost stabbed at least 3 people at 59th street for fucking up my shit.

but i didn't.

too bad.

wish i did.

then again maybe not.

i heard the food in the joint is notsomuch with the good.

dropped my bag on an old asian woman on the r train who probably should have thought better about the idea of sitting next to me

oh yeah, have i mentioned the part where i haven't slept much?

i read several chapters of the comic book adaptation of i am legend and found that instead of a wise cracking black man, the hero is a whiny drinkey blond guy who would rather bitch about how he had to close the damn peep hole in his house because he can't stand to see naked hot vampire chicks. dude, your wife is dead, i'm sure she wouldn't mind if you masterbate once in a while instead of getting pissed off and drunk because all the women left on earth are the living dead. jeez

also, least proactive vampires....EVER!

oh yeah, jimmy 3000 started writing shit again. my ass has been laughed off.

and i've spent more time here in this office than i would have liked to in the last 24-48. hell.....month.

oh yeah, day one is out. 3 more issues to go. then the bastard packs. then burns vegas to the ground. always leave things the way you found them.

—the bastard

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