Friday, February 08, 2008

more hat than mullets...

...or is it more hat than cattle.

either way, the bastard came across more hats than mullets this time around. when the show is in vegas, more vendors come out mostly because they either can't afford to or refuse to go when the show is in florida. which in the case of the latter is a little egocentric in the bastard's book. i mean, hell, the bastard gets on a plane and goes regardless of where the show is. if it was in missouri, i'd go to fucking missouri.

no judgements.

just do the job.

allthough the bastard would have to rent a car and drive to branson in order to gamble. could you imagine? a casino without drinking or smoking? how do you get people to lose at table games if they aren't drunk? most of this was shot by sara voids.

at the end of it all, the thrill really isn't in the finding of mullets, so much as it is in the searching. and if it's hats, mullets, drunken jackasses, the bastard is ready for the good times that come with hunting for jackassery. it's probably the only thing at these shows that the bastard like's more than drinking and gambling.

well i DO like the drinking

and the gambling alot.

so i guess the jackassery comes third.

—the bastard

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