Thursday, February 28, 2008

ride home

so here's how it was supposed to go down.

the band was supposed to go on at 8:30 but turns out they didn't go on until 9:30.

and while i wasn't guaranteeing anything, i was really trying to be back in queens in time to get in the car and pick up the chairman.

the bastard even drank accordingly to plan for this possibility.

but, i didn't get outta the l.e.s. until 10 to 11. and when i got down there, the platform was empty.

so here the bastard is,

in one of the more desolate areas on the edge of china town and the lower east side,

on an empty train platform.

it was kinda creepy actually.

but, the bastard sometimes gets rewarded with fine fine plumage. it is as my buddy scoop says, "i love going out on wednesday nights, it's when the gates of freak open". pure gold.

i get off the train at 20 to 12. the text message reads:

11:21 landed

11:31 you suck bro i guess i'll have to take a cab

so when i get home the text response was:

11:46 that's me. aye suck

—the bastard

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