Monday, April 07, 2008

behold his cold dead hands

let me start this off by saying that i was a fan of heston.

the bastard first saw the 10 commandments and planet of the apes when his was a wee lad and i always enjoyed his work

i even like soylent green.

notsomuch with the omega man.

but here's the thing.

this weekend, when he died, new york 1 was covering it. and the way new york 1 covers things is they slap it on a tape and play it every hour.

and the bastard is too lazy to change the channel. so i watched the report 10 times on saturday and every time it was the part in the ten commandments when heston parts the red sea saying

"behold his mighty hand"

and after hearing that 10 times or so, i started thinking about his time as president of the nra (hell i also thought about what an unfair prick michael moore was to him in bowling for columbine). but after hearing that phrase, it made me think of his "from my cold dead hands" speeches.

and the bastard had to wonder, did they manage to pry it from his cold dead hands? sleep well judah ben hur.

—the basatard


Rob S. said...

Cold, dead Han.

the mad russian said...

Damn you. You blew it up! And Cornelius and Vera wept openly.

bastard central said...

well you know what they say,

the only good human...

Rob S. said...

I hate every ape I see...