Sunday, April 27, 2008

everything's coming up bastard

late in the afternoon yesterday, the bastard's ladyfriend calls up form the whole foods in union square. they were out of cupcakes. that's what she had to bring to this party we were going to.

so i headed into the fhills to pick up some cupcakes.

en route to the bakery, i saw this you hipster smoking a pipe. he couldn't be more than 22. smoking a grandad pipe.

it was glorious but i was on top of him already. i couldn't get the photo. so the bastard kept on keeping on.

then i happened into these gentlemen.


everything's coming up bastard

—the bastard


tim said...

"The Belloqs Take the FHills," I smell blockbuster!

bastard central said...

oh you americans

always overdressing for the wrong occasions

jonny airplanes said...

those must be the good cowboys

bastard central said...

maybe or perhaps members of the 109 jazz band.

does anyone know if allen steir still walks the earth?

Amy said...

Allen Steir is alive and well and you can find him at

I heard/saw him perform a few years ago -- no more saxophone, japanese vertical flute, the shakuhachi, only. He's still the great man whom I recall from 109.