Tuesday, May 20, 2008

at the car wash

i went to clean my car on saturday.


i just realized, that i've been blogging my weekend backwards.


i went to clean my car on saturday. the tiny blue ride was starting to look god awful and i just couldn't stand by that. but the interesting thing about the car wash is the sort of people one sees while waiting for the inevitable.

but it always amazes me how people's cars sometimes reflect their perception of themselves. take this gentleman. he's out in his superfly, extra large, gas guzzling ride with the upsized rims. and to be fair, he's a big guy. the chairman is a big guy, so he prefers a ride that he's comfortable with. the fact that he has to pay upwards of 60 dollars to fill the tank is neither here nor there.

what was the attention getter for the bastard (aside from the fact that he walked around the car wash like someone had shoved a broom handle up his rear) was that he was wearing a wwe tshirt from like 5 or six years ago with one of the rock's catch phrases, "laying the smack down". and the bastard just felt like this person was a cartoon of body building. big car, big rims, big walk, ridiculous t-shirt that prompts the thought, "christ what an asshole". i mean, he may not be but i think you can smell what the bastard's cookin'.

—the bastard

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