Tuesday, May 27, 2008

desert bound

so the bastard is here at beautiful jfk for his quarterly sojurn into the desert.

now that i'm finally here, i can stop having waking nightmares about being a bad parent.

mostly because i got up at 5am this morning.

anyway, apparently i cannot access my blog from the free hotspot.

might have something to do with the fact that the word BASTARD is prominently displayed in the url.

might just be a hiccup. oh well, go to hell.

so intermittently, the bastard will be posting to the feed. i've already gotten started on it and i haven't even made my way over to the bar. then again, it's early.

see you on the other side, shiteyes.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

GO BASTARD GO! You can beat the desert.

bastard central said...

i always beat the desert

jonny airplanes said...

yah yaa doo

bastard central said...

mission acomplished