Saturday, May 10, 2008

god is in the details

the chairman took yesterday off.

it didn't work out for him.

by the time the bastard got home from jury duty, he was miserable.

the solution was a trip to pf changs. and a walk around the mall.

yeah, it's not really chinese food bu, it tastes ok.

afterwards we saw these two walk into a shoe store and her t-shirt was gold.

you know, it isn't everyday that you see someone from the u.s. rib eating team in a shopping mall. the chairman laughed hard and all was well again. then he bought grand theft auto 4 for xbox. but i had told him that it's sights like this that makes me believe in god. that he would put something so hysterical in our path. enjoy your saturdays jerks.

—the bastard


tim said...

I'm a little surprised you guys don't have your own shirts, BBQ lovers and all. I don't even eat ribs all that much and I want one of those shirts.

bastard central said...

well when this whole "magazine publishing" thing goes south, the bastard will start up his own rib team to challenge the u.s.