Monday, June 02, 2008

...back from the sand

...special tired as hell remix edition.

so the bastard and his boy are back in the thorough borough and ready for the summer. i've decided after many lego related pratfalls at the bus stop, that we will have to either leave some toys in the office of not bring them here. too many small parts.also, i think some more reading material maight be better suited for the office. but let's go down the particulars for you jerks that don't keep up.

so obviously, the bastard did some flying.

followed by alot of driving.

i had some awful food.

but then i had some good food that i've heard SO MUCH about.

the bastard enjoyed some nightlife in tucson.

and then after some more driving, the bastard did some more flying.

all in all it was a fun trip and even though my flight home was riddled with freaks and grifters, we got home okay. even got some sleep too. regular posting will come back soonish. or not. go to hell jerks.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

the cow car ripped off NRSV.

bastard central said...

the bastard smells lawsuit