Thursday, June 05, 2008

...on being smart

a few years ago, the bastard had heard about a little car (quite literally) from europe called the smart. no one really paid very much mind to it here because gas was cheaper than tap water here so everyone thought it would be a great idea to buy an suv.

but now gas costs a lot more and alot of people are unhappy about it as well as some of our nations popular talking heads. so now this car which has been made in europe for years has finally reached our shores and now:

all kids love smart. i mean what's not to love.

you can't pick up more than one person.

you get crazy mileage.

you can park practically anywhere. and it's quite possibly the cheapest mercedes benz that you will ever get to buy. the bastard would have bought one but, i like to have a little extra storage. and i like haveing the means to get other people around and i like to go places with my girlfriend and my son. so having a yaris works out for the bastard. but, i would have bought a smart if it met my needs. ok so much for product plugs. i don't do them often and while i will continue to mock/cover the smart, i'd rather see them than see escalades on the road.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

Thank god you went yaris. The smart would be to tempting to put on the curb. Happy Birthday Bastard!

bastard central said...

well i guess that means i can take the 1500 pound weights out of the trunk now

Anonymous said...

the term is not oldsters but Cripsters.


bastard central said...

the bastard dictates the standards and practices of language here. now you eat it