Wednesday, June 25, 2008

...on humps

you know, the bastard has this good arrangement for the summer.

my editor understands that since i am being a parent for two months, that i will work from home sometimes and it improves my quality of life. i get stuff done and the boy gets a change of scenery from riding into the city with me.

it also saves my parents the trouble of taking days off to help (but then again, the old man should retire) as the bastard hates to ask people for help which confounds people in my life to no end.

but i digress, even though i have all this help, innevitably there is a bad ride in. and it has nothing to do with this lady who brought a stack of newspapers onto the train with her. i guess alot of people like to read a paper like the ny metro to get all of their dumbed down talking points for the day. or perhaps, she's doing paper machet today.

no, it had everything to do with the sick passenger and heavy train traffic on the 6 line this morning, and the rasta who brought a full size mountain bike, and the angry white man from upstate who was really indignant about the bike but notsomuch with the gruff when the bastard had to "politely" ask him to cease jutting his paper into my back as we waited.

oh well, i guess that's why they call it humpday

—the bastard

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