Monday, June 16, 2008

...on the unexpected

first and foremost, we know the bastard likes to be cruel to folks.

i never really figured out why i am.

maybe it's extroverted self loathing.

maybe it's some elaborate revenge for things not turning out the way i always planned them (like i ever had a plan in the first place).

generally i just blame it all on YOU. because it's easier than taking responsibility for my cruelty (oh it's a living, breathing oraganism. let it run amok like it's fucking genghis khan).

anyway, i saw this couple while getting some dinner with the boy and the chairman and listening to them, they were a ripe candidate for trailer trash on a date but, i caught them at a moment when they were discussing their shared pain about relationships. and after they left, i looked at the photo and realized that i caught that moment instead of this man's ridiculous mullet. i caught some shared introspection.

it kind of robbed the whole situation of it's cruelty. so i leave it at that. now you go to hell.

—the bastard


Morty Hamburger said...

That's me and my wife you half-wit! I'm going to kill you you son of a b! I'm just's me...the Mad Russian....MooHAHAHAHAHA!!!

bastard central said...

wow maddy, you sure do get up early

The Chairman said...

Can we do a photo contest to find worse date ever? Everyone get their cameras out and snap the worse most uncomfortable dates you can find. Fantastic... Laughing at other people helps me from dying inside