Thursday, July 17, 2008

...on oldies

...but goodies

when the bastard comes over the williamsburg bridge to go to my ladyfriend's (all you fucking rich people can take the midtown tunnel), i have to go down houston street (that's pronounced HOW-stin, ya fucking hay seed) to get to the fdr drive.

and i saw these three guys skitching off the back of a livery cab.

(i.e. "ski-hitching" or "skate-hitching") is the act of hitching a ride on the rear bumper of a car when there is ice or slick snow on the roads. This can also be done with a skateboard or roller skates in urban areas where there is no ice or snow. In addition, skitching can be performed on a bicycle. [1]

Michael J. Fox can be seen skitching in the 1985 film Back to the Future.

you know it's just not every day that one sees this sort of thing anymore. but with gas prices being what they are, i guess folks just gotta get around they only way they know how.

even if it's the stupid way.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

watch the F Bombs Jerkwad you owe the boy $5.00

bastard central said...

i'm paid in full shiteyes