Monday, August 25, 2008

...on experts

so this is how the bastard spent his friday.

about three weeks ago, killing stuff monthly's web producer sent an email around asking everyone what their favorite summer beer was.

it is in these instances, that we discover the magic that is the reply all button.

Ha — BUSCH LIGHT, WOOOOOO My favorite beer, year-round, is Chimay Blue. Dark, rich Belgian ale. Brewed by Trappist monks and sold in a manly 750 mL corked bottle. Tons of complex flavor. Smooth finish. I’ve never met anyone who likes beer and didn’t love this. Most “summer ales” are lemony wuss drinks.

the editor who has been web crazy of late, followed up with

We need to do a beer tasting before summer is out. Let’s plan a Friday afternoon. Everybody bring a 6-pack and we’ll do a tasting. Maybe shoot some pics for the Web site.

so the bastard and his trusty managing editor brought our contribution to the table in the form of widmer hefeweizer from me and victory hop devil from rob which we have renamed "the mother fucking hop devil" because it IS the fucking devil.

needless to say, the afternoon didn't end well for the bastard. it came down to myself, killing stuff's copy chief and the p-cat finishing up the remainders. after this, the bastard surfaced from his lunchless drinking session with the bright idea of getting lunch at 5pm with a stomach full of beer. this also didn't end well as i tripped on my way out of the pizza place and broke a vase but for some reason, it escaped notice until i was in the clear.

nice and smooth.

good and drunk. i made it home.

good and nauseous.

passed out, the bastard gets a phone call from the chairman. good thing i still had my headphones still on so i didn't have to move as the world was still spinning at this point. 10 minutes later, i'm in the good ship chairman's ride and on my way yowards being rescued by mexican food. my aching skull.

—the bastard

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