Friday, August 15, 2008



once upon a time there was this boy.

and the boy had a bad go of it. or so he thought.

he then grew up to be a man who thought he had a rough go of it.

and for a few minutes, he might have.

but then he realized that he worries too much about the small shit. it obscures his vision of more important shit.

you see, he got a good talking to this morning about how he might be walking backwards but, it's not all of it. he doesn't think he's walking backwards. he's walking forward.

it's what he always wanted to do. just fucking walk forward. and in doing so, he realized that he forgot that he used to let small things piss him off. he had a temper tantrum about it. and then he got spoken to.

he got told he was a lucky man.

luckier than his friends.

luckier than his family.

luckier than the people that he's left behind.

luckier than alot of folks.

and he is. and he will be. he just has to be good to himself.

and the boy looked out his window and he let the light in. granted, it's fucking overcast out but it felt a lot better. and he thought to himself, i'll try to be good to myself. thanks.

and the boy might not live happily ever after but at least he tried. the end.

—the bastard

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