Thursday, September 18, 2008

...on annoying

on saturday morning, the ny1 did a report in it's "queens news" segment (yes, they have queens news now) on guys from the caribbean who spend a fuck ton of cash tricking out their bicycles with stereo equipment.

the guy in the ny1 report had said something about how he used to ride around the hood with his ipod on listening to his "great music" and then he decided that because this was done in his native trinidad, that it's ok to do it here.

this item must have gained steam because the ny times is covering it.

like it's a good thing. to inflict your special brand of noise on your neighbors.

i knew some people who left southern queens because if it wasn't car stereos, or other people's stereos, or other people's parties that lasted 5 days long, it was some other crap. the bastard doesn't understand how there are so many people in this city, that will never, NEVER, have that a-ha moment that they are inconveniencing others. that there just MIGHT be someone on your block who might want to ida know, take a fucking nap in the afternoon.

maybe just here the fucking birds for 5 minutes.

maybe just hear, ida know, NOTHING for a change. hell i guess some folks have to move out to the sticks. the bastard has put his feelings to bed about noise and he chooses to deal with it in his own way. whether it's earplugs or just simply going downstairs and asking the inconsiderate gangster who pulls his car over to make a phone call because his stereo is too loud rather than just turning the radio down and then getting offended that the bald guy asked you to turn it down so he could go to bed. it just strikes me as disrespectful to your fellow neighbor. you rob them of the choice to hear nothing because you couldn't resist filling the air with something. fucking assholes, i hope richmond hill sinks into the fucking sea.

—the bastard

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