Thursday, September 18, 2008

...on the roar of the machine

last night, the bastard got home from work at reasonable hour which as it seemed, way earlier than when the chairman got home last night. so last night was productive as well.

i cleaned the garage out. the chairman and i have accumulated alot of crap in the last few months and it needed to go.

but more importantly, i had to get gas for the bike. i know, it's the most innocuous task in the world. everyone buys gas fro their vehicle. but up until this point. utting gas in a motorcycle was filling up a gallon jug and dumping it in the gas tank so that i can try and get the dumb thing to run.

but it runs now.

and it needed gas.

and so i went tearing around the hood. took the long way to the exxon station on metro and woodhaven. went over the bridge and opened her up. it was a good feeling to tear up a hill on this puppy. i hope it never gets boring.

—the bastard

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