Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...on special comments


i don't wanna start anymore trouble with anyone but,

the bastard has been drinking.

and that's a good thing considering how annoyed i was this afternoon.

but, i'm getting settled at my ladyfriend's house and she's getting her project runway on (which is the bastard's cue to get his blog on.

but there was this commercial for countdown with keith olberman (because msnbc and bravo are part of the same company) and for someone who's making a big stink about not wanting to cover the republican national convention (to be fair, he's fearing for his safety), he's all chock full of slander and bullshit. and it kind of rubbed me wrong.

i have to say in my short sighted beer soaked state that, i find him mean spirited and a bit of a dick. not that i'm not but he sure is. all smug and wrecking the bastard's buzz. muthafucka! why you gotta wreck mah drunk wif alla yo bullshit up in mah grill. not hating, just saying.



i'm totally hating and i'm totally saying.

and while the bastard is saying, he's saying that southhampton double white is a bloody fantastic domestic brew to drink. and you know how the bastard knows it's domestic? because it's the cheapest, best thing i've ever bought at under the volcano which is now your favorite bar EVER. right now. you love it. i hate you. jerks.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...


That's enough politics.

Can we get back to the morons that walk this earth instead? You're letting guidos and blatant jackassery get a free ride.

bastard central said...

I need reportage on guidos.

where are my ducking sources!!!!!!!

bastard central said...

that wasn't supposed to say ducking. fucking spell checking phone. agh!!!!!