Friday, October 31, 2008

the mofo just informed me...

that wrestler SD "special delivery" jones has died.

he is either a giant of the wrestling industry who will be missed,

or someone who died penniless and insane.

but the man did get his own action figure.

rest in peace sd. above, i have a tag team match he did with andre the giant.


go on! enjoy!

—the bastard

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TW said...

Conrad Efraim retired early enough to keep his joint health, his sanity and had enough pennies as he continued to work in wrestling promotions with jim Cornett, the dude who carries the tennis racket around.

SD was great, he had what looked like a bullet hole in his back. For most of career he hailed from Philadelphia, PA. but then all of a sudden was from Antigua, West Indies. Gold. Pure gold.

Here;s to ya' SD.