Wednesday, October 22, 2008

...on the right tools

"so at the gun writers seminar last week, there was a bunch of young guys there because they were introducing some new tactical guns," says the editor. (tactical guns is a euphemism for scary looking guns)


"and all of the old guys were sitting in the back listening in,"


"and while the gun guy was citing the uses of their new tactical line (ie varmints, deer hunting, ummmmm tactical things), the younger gun writers started high lighting their uses against zombies."


"yeah, the old guys started grumbling in the back. they didn't fun it funny at all."

"that's hilarious. do you suppose the older gun writers were pissed?"


"well you see the young guys now know how to kill them."

—the bastard


M.S. said...

Fight the zombie apocalypse! Best marketing campaign ever for black rifles.

bastard central said...

i agree.

the bastard is buying 20 between now and inauguration day