Monday, November 24, 2008

...on freestylin'

you know,

there are just some days when you know that it's gonna be by the numbers.

and then,

there are some days when you know that some crazy skell is going to freestyle rap all the way back to queens.

this guy went on and on,


mentally shapin',

get the gidst of what i am sayin'

so lucky bastard that i am, the bastard watches some of his stories to pass the time on the ipod.

and this guys just keeps going,


mentally shapin',

it went on for so long that he drove some old man in a cowboy hat right out of his seat because he couldn't take it anymore.

out of towners just don't get it some/most times.


mentally shapin',

by the time i had finished my show (22 minutes just so you know shiteyes), he had built all of y'all up.

and now he was gonna cool you down with some old soul.

and for the three minutes the bastard had left without headphones on, the hardest working hobo in the tunnels we spend half of our lives in, he fucked up the lyrics to "i wish it would rain".

fucking magical.

—the bastard

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