Wednesday, December 03, 2008

...on morale

so this morning the bastard went to get milk for his coffee and he was greeted by a fridge full of booze.

this isn't my fridge.

this is the fridge at work.

the bastard doesn't really go in for white wine.

but today is the company end of year/holiday thing.

it's mandatory or they will no doubt say something to the tune of,

"well we're REAL sorry we had to lay off a bunch of you and you're probably not getting any manner of bonuses but, at least you still have jobs. here drink some booze."

when all else fails, ply them with booze.

the bastard was at a retirement party last night and a great elder statesmen of killing stuff monthly (and a legendary killer of many things on four legs) stood up at some point and stated that there was no booze better than booze that's on the company. he's probably right.

—the bastard

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