Thursday, December 18, 2008

adventures in stabbing

so the bastard needs to stab someone...

sure we all get the urge.

but i get it more often.

especially when some cock gets in the train with me and because u brush up against him, he calls me a nazi.

yes, I'm a nazi because this mentally ill fuck can't control his tourettes syndrome.
and now the bastard has to watch him jam his bagel down his gullet because he's too incapable to function in normal society.

but let me back up for a sec: i woke up later than i wanted this morning.

you know

the daily.

and this guy and i roll onto the e train as the doors open and we get ourselves a seat. two people get up so two people sit down.

only this wasn't what crazy wanted so he snarled some unintelligible thing at me and gave me the stink eye.

i hadn't taken my shades off yet and at this point, i wasn't i was crammed up next to some crazy person muttering at me so i told him, "go fuck yourself".

he responds back, "nazi"

"i'll fucking stab you dick" i believe was the next thing that crawled out of my mouth.

okay, we're back: so this goes back and forth he mumbles unintelligibly and i just mumble various conjugations of the word "stab".

"stab stab stabby stab stab. right in your neck"

you can build a song around it and the bastard just might.

pull into my station and he gets all happy-ish because he gets some space for a second before a gentleman who looked like reverend run was about to take my seat. so i decided to put the kye-bosh on said glee with my favorite gesture from eastern promises. i looked him square in the face and jammed my fingers into my neck and his face ran cold. or maybe it was blank all along.

oh well.

everyday can't be all "normal" people on the train.

—the bastard

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