Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh the bastard had such plans tonight

alternate side of the street parking is something the bastard has been able to avoid for a long time now.

that is until now.

you see, he's moved across the river an manhattan is a different game altogether.

on monday I brought Ivan across and was able to hook up parking until wednesday.

tonight was make or break night and manhattan wasn't going to budge.

so i went back to queens to pick the car up on the weekend.

thought about getting the bike.

tried it.

it didn't happen.

now the bastard is exhausted from 20 minutes of kick start.

oh the bastard had such plans tonight. shit.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Ay, crap.

bastard central said...

it happens

the mad russian said...

Bad move. Queens is where it's at. We'll miss ya.

bastard central said...

i agree sir. quite like macarthur, i will return