Saturday, January 31, 2009

...on homesickness

actually, the bastard HAD to go back to queens today to get the car.

but i get homesick.

the bastard ain't a goddam island you know.

so, took a long walk back to the hood to get the car.

took out the bike.

that ended in hilarity. i'll talk about that later.

but now i'm eating pizza at the crappy pizza place down the block because mazara's just tastes like home for a minute.

lots to do and the car ain't gonna clean itself.

-the bastard


the mad russian said...

I know that I am an unapologetic Queens promoter...but home is where you make it dude. I'm sure that there lots-o-fun to be had on your new island.

bastard central said...

i keep my home real close to me. home is right under my feet.

and yes, there is tons of fun here.