Thursday, January 15, 2009

...on robots

day one lasted 12 and a half hours.

the bastard was spared an evening of industry chicken sadness.

got cuban food for dinner instead.

long story short, it was delicious.

came back to the hotel bar to get drinks with the heads of state.

and sam waterston ( yes sam waterston from law and order) and we make eye contact.

and i look right at him and say, because robots are strong"

he falls out.

the bastard falls out.

and Sam keeps on walking.

totally worth it. I'm the bass player's hero

the bastard wins again

-the bastard


Rob S. said...

They need old people's medicine for food!

bastard central said...

and once they get their metal claws on you, there's no breaking free

The Chairman said...

if he only responded to you saying, "Bastard, I truly hate you the most" that would have been classic... I guess this beats Dick Enberg yelling "ROLL ME HARD 6's SHOOTER" at the craps table at the Wynn on Sunday Night.

bastard central said...

he was pretty drunk. he was being helped out of the bar by his co-star

i thought it was hard 10's?