Wednesday, March 11, 2009

...on the downside of art direction

as a new art director,

not that the bastard is NEW at this.

i'm just new at this magazine.


not that i'm NEW at this magazine. i started in this particular branch of the journalistic lexicon seven years ago.

anyway, the downside to being a new art director is expectations.

expectations of good service. and the primary means of showing good service is,

staying late.

now the bastard doesn't always stay late because he wants to just hang around and drink whiskey, he's been working on employee evaluations so that he can put off getting his taxes done but now i have no excuses but to get that done.

but the other noticeable downside is the fact that i haven't seen the sun go down since this photo i took on the way out of the office on monday. and before that, i can't even remember when i last saw a sunset.

might have been on the weekend once upon a time.

or perhaps it was in a dream. all i know is, if i don't get some sunlight soon, i'm going to get a unrinary tract infection or some crap. maybe the gout. or the grippe.

can somebody spin the whell of old timey diseases to see what the bastard will get please?

yeah, i invented the wheel of old timey diseases. you gotta problem with that? good. you have the clap.

—the bastard

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