Tuesday, March 17, 2009

...on smoke

...and firearms

spent the day in the studio.

shooting guns.

but not in the way you think.

by the end of the day, the bastard was, in a word, "PUNCHY".

we were also shooting an opener.

which brings us to the quandry of, how do you make a shotgun smoke without firing it in a photo studio in commecticutt?

our man in ct asks me if i smoke and i make that face that says i did but i don't anymore. at least not unless there's dice involved.

so we sent our man's assistant to buy a pack of djarums from the smoke shop.

and for two hours she was lying on the floor, ok her stomach, blowing smoke up the barrel of this pricey firearm so we could duplicate a smoking gun.

all in the name of journalism. it's gonna look good. i still like my job.

—the bastard

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