Tuesday, March 24, 2009

waiting in the terminal on a busy evening

from the hell is other people file,

nothing is less enlightening than listening to a bunch of people from out of my town (and it is my town) talking about how great it is to live in the city.

and by "the city", they mean manhattan. the other 4 boroughs don't rate. cocksmokers.

but wait bastard don't you live in "the city" too?

no young shiteyes, i live on a rock called manhattan which has really good food and alot of assholes.

—the bastard

P.S. tonight this girl who we could consider "good looking" tried to bypass the ticket line by attaching a black tag to her bag and handing it to the TSA guy who promptly looked past her wide eyes and sent her to the line with the rest of the rubes. the bastard loves it when hot chicks fail, it makes him feel less fat and ugly.

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