Monday, April 13, 2009

...on the roar of the machine...again

met some friends at this bike bar i always meant to hit when the bastard had a bike.

but now I don't.

and that's ok. allthough, the matador made comment about my trench and asked if i had a shotgun under it.

I just said well i can't just dress in my riding gear and pretend I ride even though I trashed my bike.

"you trashed your bike!?!?"

"I trashed my bike."

"I didn't know", said rayne o'brian.

well the bastard don't advertise. well maybe I spoke about it a little.

anyway, it was the Qatar gp and it was good to go.

only two crashes worth noting and one of them had the riders recovering.

on a side note, I still haven't been able to get "the cowboy song" by thin lizzy out of my head.

third days straight. roll me over and set me free, the cowboy's life is the life for me.

—the bastard

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