Thursday, April 30, 2009

...on the science of things

you know,

it was getting a little late at the chairman's place,

so I decided that a cab was in mind. now the bastard doesn't normally do this but, didjs read the earlier part about late?

anyway, my cabby pulls us over because this poor woman took a header on queens boulevard.

cabby did the right thing and it only cost me like 75 cents.

afterward we talk about the nature of being kind, and he tells me that he almost killed himself.

lost his wife.

lost all his money.

wanted to kill himself.

but his good friend gave him a book that changed his life.

it was called dianetics.

so I suppressed my urge to laugh out loud (and I was drunk) and let him talk his talk.

did you know that the human mind is the most powerful thing ever made?

he cured the flu twice...

with his mind.

I'm glad he got me back home in one piece.

with his driving, not his mind. it takes all kinds.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Dianetics told me why my pee smells so weird after i eat asparagus.

oh, 'scuse, me, that was Diuretics.

TW said...

You should have given him a copy of the film Repo Man—anti-dianetics