Friday, May 15, 2009

...on escape velocity

the bastard had a hard time getting sleep last night.

which isn't so much with the good as this males for day two of roundtrips to stanford for the photographic benefit of killing stuff monthly.

6:30 tip off to get my act together so I can get some jet fuel and some packing material for the ride up. they talk about out man's bagels. you see the head of the Fordham baldies gets hisself some fine ass bagels but the bastard feels the need to get something awful and greasy in his gut.

makes him feel like a journalist.

so yesterday, I got a call from the past and answered because i have alot to answer for. bit it reminded me of my last venture into the time machine. to visit the past and make things right inside.

I'll get into it after i get settled at the studio. right now I'm accgeiving escape velocity straight on to Stanford by the good graces of the dirtbombs.

—the bastard

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