Saturday, May 30, 2009

so long screwy...

... see ya in saint louie.

so, this is how you get a trip without planning.

or as the mofo refers to it, guerilla tourism.

when I got to his place on Tuesday, he goes, "how about we drive straight on to st louis so we can spend a day there. I wanna see the arch."


flash forward: we're in a red robin in mechanicsburg, pa and one of selling bullets' writer /photographers calls up to ask about something he's shooting for me.

the bastard tells him that I'm out on walkabout and I tell him where.

so the baseplayer kindly opens up his home to us. and it was really a damn lifesaver for us because I don't think I could sleep this well in my car at ALL.

but we saw the busweiser plant.

the st louis arch.

and some frikkin great bluegrass and jazz in places a guidebook couldn't tell you where to go.

thanks bassplayer, you kept us from running this shit right off the road.

—the bastard

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