Wednesday, June 03, 2009

...on turning the other cheek


the boy and i went out and about.

apparently, we left his sneakers in kansas city, and his sandals were tore the hell up.

so we went around union square, looking for something for his feet for the next month or so.

so, this homeless man sees me take out the iphone (looking for lunch), and asks for some cash.

i tell him i got nothing.


"hey guy, some homeless guys cleaned out my car a couple a weeks ago, i'm a little bitter about it."

"i can't blame ya for that"

can't blame me to that.

but my feet get a little heavier.

and a little tug on my hand says, "daddy, can i give the man something"

and i stop and remember that this little guy is the culmination of any goodness i ever had in me EVER. and i reach in and grab some change.

and the boy runs down the block and hands it off to the guy. he looks at him, smiles and he looks at me.

done deal.

turned the other cheek. i thanked the boy on the way to lunch and he incredulously asks me why. i told him it was kind of him to remind me to do right sometimes, because i forgot to.

and a woman i used to work with wrote this today because some friends of hers passed away and it reminded me to just fucking pay it forward for a change.

be kind to each other jerks, karma's like a boomerang.

—the bastard


onlythejodi said...

you made me cry.
that's good sometimes, this is one of those times. thanks.

bastard central said...

no probs. a good cry is all anyone needs sometimes