Sunday, June 21, 2009

phone check...

"ring ring"

"ring ring"


"phone check."


"hi i was just doing a phone check."

it never mattered if the conversation really continued and sometimes maybe it would have but, every time grandpa got a new phone, he would re enter the numbers into the phone and then proceed to call said family member to make sure he entered it correctly.

he was an interesting fella.

taught me how to row. taught my cousins how to steer a boat in open water. taught most of us how to life a big goddam dock into and out of the harbor.

more often than not, the bastard got out of doing this as the dock became a reality when i was an antisocial teenager and i hid out alot.

but today's father's day and he would have been 86 by now. and he'd still be soing phone checks.

the chairman called up stuck in traffic and we talked about it a bit.

maybe get a family event together for his 10th anniversary of not being on this earth.

the family doesn't get together that much anymore.

at least not without a fuck ton of effort.

but maybe if we do, we could all wear wide brimmed hats to the event.

the man sure did love the sea.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Sounds like a hell of a guy. Happy belated Father's day, pal.

bastard central said...

thanks. he was. it was just funny to sit around and talk about his quirks for an evening

Anonymous said...

Next Father's day, you're going to get a set of lamps with a sailor and lantern on top of a stack of books.

bastard central said...

mayhap i will, and mayhap i'll get that bar stool we messed up

onlythejodi said...

funny how grandparents can make such a deep impression for peeps who aren't with you alla alla time. I think about my grandmother all the time and she's been gone for years...

bastard central said...

i know what you mean