Monday, July 27, 2009

...on holding it in

you know,

most of the time the bastard finds parking.

wherever he goes.

usually he finds it faster when the boy is with him.

what can I say, he's lucky.

but the last 24 hours were not the bastard's.

mostly thanks to a dirct to video release being filmed near my apartment called step up 3.

yes because step up's 1 and 2 had you jackasses clamoring for more



so now the bastard rides the train home from the only place I could parking.


yes young shiteyes, the q borough is thorough.

and manhattan can eat a dick tonight. there I finally got it out of my system.

although i do regret telling my ladyfriend that if we lived in queens, I would be in bed right now. that ain't fair to her.

but manhattan can still go to hell.

it's enough to make me want to give the car to a homeless man and tell him, "here ya go jerk. I got your home RIGHT HERE."

—the bastard

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