Monday, August 24, 2009

...on nagging

the bastard is a little concerned about his brain lately.

I'm forgetting too much.

there was a time when my short term memory problems were the stuff of humor amongst my friends.


it's starting to turn into near misses that may harm me greater than being made fun of for forgetting what I had for lunch today.

we were at a tiki party today. that's hawaiian for adults dress up in flowery shirts to drink.

it was good times.

when we got home, I had to park the car.

quick sidebar: due to my weekends being busier than usual with a baby on the way, the bastard hasn't been able to take the car back to queens so coupled with that and a new area to park that is kind of grief free by manhattan standards, I've been parking on this side of the river for close to a month.

anyway, I drop my ladyfriend off at the door and go park the car which was between these two large trucks. after I get two blocks away, i get the nagging feeling that I didn't lock the door. i get back and decide that since someone else moved, I take their spot as the bastard didn't relish the notion of pissing off two people that needed to get out of what was an awful spot with me and the middle.

happy with my new choice I walk away

two blocks from my apartment I get that nagging feeling again. and I shrug it off.

it persists, so i walk back to the car to realize I left the damn window rolled down. I don't recall doing this but, I must have.

I'm very uncomfortable with these little holes in my short term memory now.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

Oh and what about when, shit, forgot were i was going with that.

bastard central said...