Thursday, August 13, 2009


the bastard was late to getting home last night.

spent a good bit of time down by the mystery science offices.

chatting about the nature of the future.

the bastard has these kinds of conversations with people.

you see my friend stuff, he has plans.

and he has skills.

i told him yesterday as he was playing loops in garage band that watching him work is like watching circ de soleil

"howso?", he says

"well everytime i watch circ de soleil i feel like a fat load because, really no one can do what they do. seeing what you do in your spare time makes me feel like i'm not doing enough with my spare time."

he had laughed and followed up on how this is something he's been doing on the clock.

and it hit me that since running out of the devil's work, i haven't been very productive with my spare time. hell, i spent my lunch hour watching two episodes of bullshit and downloading an anime called nausicaa.

we're shipping killing stuff and the bullet book is way ahead of schedule for planning reasons.

i'm just not using my time wisely.

time for some thinking. not the boring kind of thinking. the interesting kind.

yeah, good luck with that.

—the bastard

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