Saturday, September 05, 2009

...on the calling

now the bastard knows what yer thinking.

there's that frikking bike again and we the readers are gonna read some more maudlin shit about how much you miss the scrambler.

but we're kind of past that true believers.

it's a known quantity.

but it's like this.

I've been watching the long way down again.

and they are in Ethiopia.

i couldn't find a decent shot of Ethiopia by motorcycle.

so, the old bike is more of a placeholder.

the point is this.

Ethiopia looked fucking beautiful.

it makes me want to hit the road.

but, I have some important stuff happening in the next few weeks so

I want to hit the road later, not now.

the bastard wants to cross the country on an iron horse. I'd like it make that happen.

—the bastard

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