Thursday, September 17, 2009

...on descriptions

...special mine's bigger'n yours edition

"wow, this bathroom is less maintained than a truck stop"

"huh huh huh. yeah"

"nah, this bathroom is maintained like a philips 66 somewhere in northern pennsyvania"

"huh huh huh. yeah"

"yeah, and like you gotta go and get the key from some guy to get in"

"huh huh huh. yeah. and it's just a trough"


"huh huh huh. yeah"

ok guys, shut the hell up with your over describing. i'm trying to take a crap here. shut up. we don't need you to peripherally describe the group grope you were involved in while face down in a trough in a philips 66 station in northern pennsylvania. i'm sure it was a real dark period in your career as a journalism major in north bumblefuck university but, shut up. some of us like a little piece and quiet.

that is all.

—the bastard


bigbetterirish said...

was it our boy, Louis? sounds like something he'd say.

bastard central said...

nah, it wasn't louis

Rob S. said...

Oh, that's awesome.

bastard central said...

it's the first time in a long time that i've done a bit that was like what i was doing in 2005

jonny airplanes said...

i did not get it. Might have something to do with the fact i just got off a dutch oiler that had 5 bars on it. In the middle of the ocean.

bastard central said...

wow! the dutch have bars on their boats. sweet