Tuesday, September 15, 2009

photo essay

...tuesday morning blues

so it's like this.

the bastard takes the bus for social reasons.

i mean who needs to take the bus when your commute is a 10 minute walk through the gauntlet of jackasses on 3rd ave in the morning.

so i take the bus for social reasons.

if i leave the office same time as red beard, i take the bus on park.

but yesterday evening, there was a man sitting on a box.

old timey camera in tow.

his hat folded on one side as if on safari in manhattan.

it seemed very mutual of omaha's wild kingdom.

that's all i got.

not everything is a goddam novel.

—the bastard


bigbetterirish said...

that dude totally looked like a bad ass. i wanted to shake his hand. i also dig the name red beard.

bastard central said...

well we all get a name and it ain't gonna be your name