Thursday, October 08, 2009

everything in it's right place

there are some days where shit doesn't fall into place.

today wasn't one of those days.

the lil lady only got up twice overnight.

the bastard didn't feel like ass when he left work.

hell, the publisher even said good things about what I've been doing on the cover this last year.

I've been struggling the last few issues. that came at the right time.

my ladyfriend was having a rough day with the lil girl so I bought her some popeyes because it picks me up.

that worked out. the chicken was good too.

but it wasn't until I scored a fat spot for my car that the bastard realized that today was in it's right place.

in it's right time.

despite having a rough patch or two, it was in it's right place.

nice and smooth.

—the bastard

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