Wednesday, October 14, 2009

everything is coming up bastard

it's like this.

the bastard is feeling less assey.

I am well on my way towards defeating whatever disease was trying to slow me down thanks to something in the hood of 10500 mg of vitamin c a day.

my publisher likes what I'm doing.

my competition is moving on to greener pastures

last night I became friends with an Indian guy in my building named "norm". nice guy. he made me think of morty from layer cake only without kicking the crap out of some guy who landed him on jail for 10 years.

I get along with the chairman of my ladyfriend's co-op board.

red beard has turned my publisher on to our little side project which I'll talk about later when it's more realized.

and I pulled a knife on redbeard this morning on my way to the bathroom.

I'm starting to feel more like myself today.

yesiree, everything is coming up bastard.

—the bastard


bigbetterirish said...

thanks again for the whole "hey, let's pull a knife on redbeard and chase him into shayna's cube" thing. you're a.. wait for it.. bastard

bastard central said...

we aim to please